CanaQuest Medical Corp is a life science company focused on medical cannabis products. The Company is committed to developing novel health products that utilize cannabis, hemp, and botanical extracts, including algae oils. The Company has engaged two prestigious Canadian universities to research and develop formulated products, which the company is in the process of launching. Our research is focused on the use of cannabis in the context of cancer and the use of cannabis derivatives for the development of our novel pharmacotherapies for mental health, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”. CanaQuest was awarded a cannabis sales-import-export license from Health Canada. Additionally, CanaQuest filed an international patent on a game-changing discovery, Mentabinol™, protecting THC users from negative psychiatric side-effects. Recently the Company won the Go Global Awards “Business of the Year – Category of Life Science”, presented by the International Trade Council.

The company’s unique formulation will enable patients to experience the pleasant “high” many look for immediate relief from their symptoms as well as gain other medical benefits of cannabis-based treatments, while minimizing the short-term side effects of high doses of THC (e.g., anxiety and paranoia). As a result of long-term THC medical cannabis treatment, patients will develop negative psychiatric side effects. CanaQuest formulations eliminate these negative psychiatric side effects. The formulation is applicable to both medical and recreational consumption of cannabis.


Our vision is to be a global leader in the formulation and development of health products from cannabis derivatives.


Utilizing university-level research we have created specific cannabis oil lines.

Western University has performed research and product development on cannabis oil and its constituents in the context of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Dr. Steven Laviolette, BSc, PhD
Addiction Research Group
Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biology. Dept. of Psychiatry
Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research

A research team at Western University in London, Ontario, led by Dr Steven Laviolette of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, and the Department of Psychiatry, is examining cannabis oil and its constituents in the context of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  With over 12 years of related research behind it, Laviolette’s team is excited by the promise of the new formulations they’re developing. Clinical trial data using animal subjects has shown positive results.

“The clinical implications and commercial potential are highly significant,” Laviolette said. “Furthermore, since cannabis is commonly prescribed for a host of ailments, including pain, nausea, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, our formulation will again be hugely significant for the non-mental health patient sectors as well.”

CanaQuest is now initiating human feasibility trials with an independent, third-party organization, which will be followed by human trial programs with two recognized clinics based on the successful results from the research, animal preclinical data from the lab, Western University and the human feasibility trial results. The first trial will focus on mental health (anxiety, depression) and the second will focus on pain management as an alternative to opioids.

In addition, the researchers at the University of Waterloo are exploring other areas that have shown positive results for the use of cannabis including:

  • Colorectum, pancreas, breast and prostate cancer;
  • Ongoing R & D – mitigation of the spread of cancerous tumors; and
  • Combined application of natural botanicals, algae essential fatty acids, and cannabis oils.
Dr. Steven Laviolette

CanaQuest Medical Corp will retain the rights of all patents developed in collaboration with universities.