CQ1 – THC with other Botanical Extracts an innovative combination formulated to treat ailments such as anxiety, depression, memory loss, psychosis, and other mental disorders. (Two provisional patents have been filed on CQ1.)

Essentially, the company’s unique formulation will enable patients to experience the pleasant “high” many look for as immediate relief from their symptoms as well as gain other medical benefits of cannabis-based treatments, while minimizing the short-term side effects of high doses of THC (e.g., anxiety and paranoia). As a result of long-term THC medical cannabis treatment, patients will develop negative psychiatric side effects. The CQ1 formulation is a safer alternative to current medical cannabis treatments. CQ1 reduces or eliminates the negative side effects described above.

CQ2 – CBD with other Botanical Extracts formulated to treat: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD (chronic stress induced), pain and addiction.

CQ3 – New Cannabinoids with other Botanical Extracts – an expansion of the research around the novel formulations utilising other cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD. This is expected to reveal specialised applications for targeted therapies in specific mental health symptom clusters.

CQ4 – CBD with other Botanical Extracts – mitigation of the spread of cancerous tumors.