Algae Pharmaceutical Research

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Algae Pharmaceutical Research

CanaQuest Medical Corp is continuing our research on algae pharmaceutical oils in conjunction with cannabis oil and other botanical extracts.  Our data and research has shown that through our research we can provide effective results, which has allowed us to move on to our next phase of development: Omega-3 (Algae) Human Trials.  These clinical trials will focus on the use of algae oils and their effectiveness of treating mental health and other ailments.

Algae Pharmaceuticals

There are numerous properties of algae that make it prime for nutraceutical development.  It is regarded for its antiviral, antioxidant and anticancer properties.  Focusing our research towards the future of algae pharmaceuticals, combined with cannabis oils, has created our patented formulations.  These formulas are geared to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, addiction, tumors and more.

Omega-3s enhance efficacy of cannabis treatments

CanaQuest Medical Corp is focused on the development of proprietary research and products utilizing cannabis oil combined with other botanical and nutraceutical extracts, including Omega-3 derived from algae oil. Positive data from our research and pre-clinical trials has put us in a position to bring our first CBD and THC based products to market.