Cannabis  by  itself  has  long  been  used  for  medical  purposes  and  in  recent  decades  has  gained  significant   traction  in  becoming  a  common  and  preferred  treatment  for  specific  ailments.

Cannabis  is  one  of  the   fastest  growing  industries  in  North  America.

Today’s “medical” cannabis takes a trial-and-error approach to treating symptoms, rather than following a scientific method.

Questionable medical cannabis:

  • Cannabis sold for recreational market is the same cannabis sold for the medical market
  • Various blends (no formulation) with variable none -proven concentrations
  • Chronic exposure to THC – molecular and neuropsychiatric negative side effects
  • High dose of CBD by itself is not effective,
    • – low efficacy (5% to 10%), –
    • 90% of CBD dose is damaging digestive system

CanaQuest Technology Status:Both the THC formula Mentabinol® and CBD formula Mentanine® products are commercial ready in Canada under the Cannabis act.

Mentabinol Rx® and Mentanine Rx® need to be approved by Health Canada and the FDA after completion of human trials.


Concentrate on Scientific research to establish CanaQuest as a industry leader in cannabis medicine

  • Significant results proven by testing both products by pre-clinical trials

  • Purity and Quality – our formulation utilizes only 99% pure cannabinoids and 100% pure botanical extracts

  • Nanotechnology production technology – provides with highest quality products available

  • DIN number application with Health Canada & FDA