Cannabis  by  itself  has  long  been  used  for  medical  purposes  and  in  recent  decades  has  gained  significant   traction  in  becoming  a  common  and  preferred  treatment  for  specific  ailments.  Cannabis  is  one  of  the   fastest  growing  industries  in  North  America.

At CanaQuest Medical Corp we have unique, patentable formulas developed for medical ailments.

  • Animal  clinical  trial  data  showed  significant  positive  results
  • Animal clinical trials will be initiated
  • Human  clinical  trials  will  soon  be  initiated
  • Our  formulas  target  the  medical  conditions  of  anxiety,  addiction,  depression,  schizophrenia, PTSD

We  have  entered  the  cannabis  market  with  a  competitive  advantage,  patent  protected,  unique  medical   product.


Utilizing university-level research we have created specific cannabis oil lines.

  • Multiple  combinations  for  targeted  medical  ailments

  • Cannabis  extracted  and  concentrated  cannabinoid  oils

  • Cannabis  extracted  and  separated  terpenes  (aroma, additional  medical  benefits)

  • Patentable  nutraceutical  formulations  utilizing

    • Cannabis  oils
    • Botanical  oils
    • Algae-­‐Omega3  essential fatty  acids  (DHA  and  EPA)


CQ1 – Mentabinol®

A unique THC + botanical extract formulation which mitigates or eliminates the negative psychiatric side-effects of THC: e.g. anxiety, depression, paranoia, cognitive/memory deficits (patient doesn’t get high) Alternative to opiods, thus addressions addiction and dependence. Effective for pain management.

CQ2 – Coming Soon

A unique CBD + select nutriceutical dietary additives aimed at synergizing the therapeutic properties of CBD in the treatment of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD (chronic stress induced) and addiction.


Expansion of novel THC and CBD formulations into specialized applications for targeted therapies in specific mental health symptom clusters.


Effective for enhancing efficacy of cancer treatments