CanaQuest Medical Corp is engaged in the development of unique health products and pharmaceuticals that utilize hemp, cannabis and algae oils.

Target Markets

Based on studies, research and anecdotal data, CanaQuest recognizes that cannabis is very effective for mental and physical ailments. CanaQuest’s initial target markets are as follows:

THC Users: Mentabinol® In Canada

1) Past patients/consumers of cannabis (THC) who took it for their respective ailment and had an acute negative reaction (30% + of the market). Our formulations will increase the acceptance level of THC treatment and provides the opportunity to bring back past medicinal cannabis patients and consumers.
2) New Cannabis patients/consumers who want THC based cannabis treatment but are prone to acute negative psychiatric side-effects of high consumption of THC.
3) Cannabis patients/consumers who want safe THC based cannabis treatment for their respective ailments that is backed by science.

CBD Users: Mentanine® in Canada

1) Existing patients/consumers who have a positive reaction to CBD products but without any scientific proof.

2)New patients/consumers that will consume our Omega plus CBD, formulation for a specific treatment prescribed by more confident  physician.

3) Physicians that become aware of this new formulation will prescribe Mentanine® with more confidence than any other CBD product.

Cannabis Oil

Canadian oil extraction marketplace forecasted to grow from C$1 million in 2015 to C$1.5 billion in 2020, assuming full legalization in 2019.

In terms of conversion from dried marijuana to extracts/oil, due diligence has been conducted on Colorado market, finding that 45% of dried marijuana users would eventually convert to marijuana extracts/oil.

We expect the Canadian market to follow a similar trend as Colorado, and we assume the market would gradually reach an approximate 45% conversion rate by 2018,


Algae-­‐derived Omega-3 is created by extracting the oil from the algae biomass, then separating the Omega-­‐3 fatty acids (oil) from the algae oil. Due to its health benefits, Omega-3 can be added to a very wide range of products. Consumers are increasingly aware of these benefits, leading to substantial growth in the industry. Revenue in the Omega-3 ingredients is forecasted to grow by an average of 12% each year to 2015, resulting in total annual revenue of $2.8 billion.