CanaQuest Medical Corp is developing health products utilizing cannabinoid molecules and other botanical compounds (pharmaceutical grade).  The Company is the industry partner for research and product development with Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor and neuroscientist, at Western University, London, Ontario Canada. Dr. Laviolette is a scientific veteran with over 20 years of research experience in the field of mental health and cannabinoids and he oversees a dedicated team of 13 scientists.


Dr. Laviolette has made two amazing discoveries:


1) Mentanine®, Omega3 + CBD, non-psychotic   formula (Provisional Patent filed) addressing mental health with significantly increase of efficacy while reducing dosage, capable of acting on mental health issues inside the  Central Nervous System (CNS) by crossing the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

2) Mentabinol®, THC + L-Theanine formulation (International Patent filed) as a safer alternative to all other THC products, addressing anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”, while protecting all THC users from negative psychiatric side-effects caused by THC.


Based on successful pre-clinical trial results, CanaQuest is planning to complete human trials and seek regulatory approval for Mentanine®Rx by applying for a Drug Identification Number “DIN number” with the US-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada. The Company believes the FDA and Health Canada approval process will be significantly reduced because of the quality of the pre-clinical work and the recent regulatory approvals which have been provided for other products containing CBD and THC. Regulatory approvals will give CanaQuest the legal right to sell Rx products as a approved drugs Over The Counter in every pharmacy in the world.


CanaQuest’s wholly owned subsidiary, ADC BioMedical Corp, was awarded a cannabis and cannabinoid products, Sales/Purchase, Import/Export license from Health Canada for Medical purposes. CanaQuest is launching Mentanine® soon. The Company is also positioned to launch Mentabinol® upon regulatory approval.


The Company won the Go Global Awards, 2019, “Business of the Year – Category of Life Science”, presented by the International Trade Council.


CanaQuest has developed an e-commerce website to sell directly to its patients as well as through its online distribution channel partners and globally where federally permitted.


Our corporate introduction document provides a comprehensive summary of CanaQuest today and its many opportunities for the future.

CanaQuest won the Go Global Awards “Business of the Year – Category of Life Science”, presented by the International Trade Council.

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Strategic Partnerships

Partners and Collaborators

  • Supply, processing, packaging and distribution
  • Medical clinics and health care practitioners
  • E-commerce
  • Canada, USA and Globally

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One-Page Introduction

Focus Areas

Our strategic focus is on the development of proprietary research to develop safe novel health products that utilize cannabis, hemp, and botanical extracts, while blocking the negative psychiatric side-effects. Our research is focused on the use of cannabis derivatives for the development of our novel pharmacotherapies for mental health, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”. Positive data from CanaQuest’s research and pre-clinical trials has positioned the Company to bring its first THC & CBD based products to market.

As well, we are focusing on formulations for pain management as an alternative to opioids, which will have clinical implications for a host of other ailments, such as nausea, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis.

News & Press

804, 2021

CanaQuest Medical Corp Appoints Investor Relations and PR Veteran Rob Rinderman as its New Director of Communications

April 8th, 2021|0 Comments

TORONTO, ON / April 7, 2021 -- CANAQUEST MEDICAL CORP (OTC PINK:CANQF) (the "Company" or "CanaQuest"), an award-winning Life Science/Pharmaceutical company developing health and wellness products combining cannabinoid molecules with pharmaceutical-grade botanical compounds, today announced [...]

1103, 2021

CanaQuest Signs Medicinal Cannabis Education Partnership with the Canadian Cannabis Dispute Resolution Centre

March 11th, 2021|0 Comments

TORONTO, Feb. 02, 2021 — CANAQUEST MEDICAL CORP (OTC Markets: “CANQF”) (the “Company” or “CanaQuest”), a Life Science/Pharmaceutical Company developing health products utilizing cannabinoid molecules and other botanical compounds (pharmaceutical grade), is pleased to announce [...]

202, 2021

CanaQuest Signs Mentanine® and Mentabinol® Production and Distribution Agreement with Purcann Pharma and Silicycle Inc.

February 2nd, 2021|0 Comments

TORONTO, Feb. 02, 2021 -- CANAQUEST MEDICAL CORP (OTC Markets: “CANQF”) (the "Company" or “CanaQuest”), a Life Science/Pharmaceutical Company developing health products utilizing cannabinoid molecules and other botanical compounds (pharmaceutical grade), today announced a [...]

Collaboration Partners

Licensed Producers: We have engaged in several discussions with major Licensed Producers/Distributors to sell medicinal cannabis domestically and internationally. As well, these companies are reviewing the strength of our IP to potentially facilitate the processing and distribution of our formulations because our formulated products do not compete with their product lines.

Licensed Processor/Pharmaceutical Company: We have engaged in several discussions with a major pharmaceutical company, international distributor and GMP manufacturer who has provided highly positive feedback of the approach Dr. Laviolette has adopted in his research and pre-clinical animal trials, the depth of research and the effective integration of the various research departments at Western University. We believe we can leverage their expertise with multiple formulations, delivery systems for improved bioavailability, including by integrating our formulation into soft gels and tablets for timed release of the formulations. We would also expect to take advantage of their supply, processing and distribution capabilities and collaborate further on R & D and human trials for our formulations.

We have reviewed our strategy and believe it is more efficient to partner with existing Licensed Producers who have facilities compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP) necessary for the preparation of our formulations. Additionally, we are seeking our own purchase/sales, import/export license without possession under the Cannabis Act to distribute formulations and develop our brand as permitted under the Cannabis Act Regulations. We have included a full description of the cannabis-related licensing process at the end of this Business Description section for further information and disclosure. We do not require similar special licensing with respect to algae related sales.