Our Partnerships

CanaQuest Medical Corp is privileged to have partners in a vast majority of areas including funding, private investors, strategic partners, and value-added partners. Our partners contributions are what keeps us on the successful path and able to provide ongoing research and product formulations for the medical community.

We recently announced a partnership with Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMCC), a Canadian-based company with operations in Jamaica. Under their agreement, JMCC will cultivate premium, medical-grade cannabis for our novel products, as well as manage the processing, product formulation, packaging warehousing and distribution of those products around the world.

The Company has also engaged two prestigious Canadian universities, Western University and the University of Waterloo, to provide research, and to create these formulations and products. Our research is focused on mitigation of the spread of cancerous tumors and the development of our novel pharmacotherapies for mental health.


Strategic Partners

Value-Added Partners

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