CanaQuest Files International Mentanine(R) Patent, a Scientific CBD Formulation for Mental Health

TORONTO, ON / April 29, 2021 — CANAQUEST MEDICAL CORP (OTC PINK:CANQF) (the “Company” or “CanaQuest), an award-winning Life Science/Pharmaceutical company developing formulations combining cannabinoid molecules with pharmaceutical-grade botanical compounds, today announced the filing of its International Patent, trade named Mentanine®, which has demonstrated at least 10-times (10X) the efficacy compared to Pharma Grade CBD.

Mentanine® – an International CBD Excellence Award 2020 formulation was scientifically developed through preclinical trials at Western University. Results of its potential effect on anxiety, depression, PTSD, and schizophrenia have been statistically significant. Our evidence also found that this formulation targeted a specific nuclear cellular receptor involved in anti-inflammatory mechanisms indicating that this formula may also treat inflammatory disorders.

“Our CBD-based Mentanine® discovery sets the stage for substantially smaller dosages having the desired results compared to other CBD medications,” stated neuroscientist Dr. Steven Laviolette, who leads a 13-member research team at Western University (Ontario, Canada). “The CBD + specific concentration of Omega-3 fatty assets increases the effects of CBD alone by improving actions on anxiety-related behaviors and improved inhibition of some specific neurochemical pathways linked to anxiety, schizophrenia, and addiction processing. By this mechanism, we believe that lower doses of CBD would be required with this formula to achieve the same efficacy attained from much higher doses of CBD by itself,” he added.

Results from the Mentanine® preclinical trials highlight advantages over pure CBD products on the market today, including the FDA-approved CBD drug for treating seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

Paul Ramsay, CanaQuest’s Co-Founder and President, said, “The Mentanine formulation further demonstrates the depth and breadth of our scientific research platform and goal of treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other debilitating ailments. To date, CBD alone has shown little scientific impact on the ability of the Central Nervous System (CNS) to help with mental health issues. We believe Mentanine® can become a ‘life-changer,’ improving quality of life for many and without the side effects caused by larger CBD doses,” he emphasized.

Regulatory Pathway and Drug Identification Number (DIN)
There is strong evidence from preclinical trial results that CanaQuest’s modified formulation, in combination with its proprietary processing and delivery method, is also a very promising epilepsy treatment. The Company is collaborating with experienced parties to initiate the application process, including human trials to obtain approval for an Rx Drug Identification Number (DIN) for rare diseases under the umbrella of Epilepsy from the US FDA and Health Canada. The Company believes the DIN approval process time requirement will be significantly reduced, reflecting the proven regulatory pathway and previous approvals for other products containing CBD and THC.

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CanaQuest Medical Corp is an award-winning Life Science/Pharmaceutical company developing health and wellness products combining cannabinoid molecules with pharmaceutical-grade botanical compounds. The Company has developed two commercial-ready Master Formulations, Mentanine® and Mentabinol®, for treating mental health ailments. CanaQuest has also identified the regulatory pathways to obtain Rx Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) in Canada and the USA for Epilepsy rare diseases. The modified Mentanine® formulation, in combination with its proprietary processing and delivery method, is very promising for epilepsy treatment as an Rx drug. The Company will be selling both products in the coming months to patients through ADC BioMedical Corp, its wholly-owned subsidiary, which was awarded a Cannabis Medical Sales Import/Export License from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. CanaQuest is a leader in scientifically-backed cannabinoid products in collaboration with multiple Canadian universities including a Western University team led by Dr. Steven Laviolette, who has decades of research experience focused on novel pharmacotherapies addressing anxiety, depression, addiction, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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